Prop Supply & Service, LLC (d/b/a Rainbow Ceramics), is a leading supplier of ultra-lightweight, lightweight, intermediate- and high-strength ceramic proppants based in Houston, Texas. We are dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and supplying superior quality and cost competitive proppants that are utilized in the fracturing process to enhance production from oil and gas wells in both vertical and horizontal completions.

We are making great strides in the research and development of ceramic proppants with innovative technologies. Our proppants have industry-leading and field-proven performance in conductivity, crush resistance, chemical resistance, thermal stability, and sphericity.

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Our research and development team is focused on improving the product performance in extreme oil and gas well environments with cutting-edge technologies while maintaining competitive product pricing.

Rainbow most notably engineered and developed our patented ultra-lightweight proppant ReaLite®. ReaLite® is mainly produced from premium naturally occurring clay Examples include porcelain and kaolin (or flint) clay, which are more available and less expensive than bauxite, but do not sacrifice strength or conductivity significantly. ReaLite® exhibits exceptional performance in conductivity, crush resistance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. Because it is ultra-lightweight, ReaLite® causes less wear on fluid-carrying and pumping equipment than high- or intermediate- strength proppant.

We operate manufacturing plants in five different locations in China. By taking advantage of the ore mined from local deposits, we thereby effectively lower the production costs and ensure consistent quality products.

Rainbow hires experienced and high-caliber engineers and well-trained workers and we employ advanced technologies in the production lines. We also enforce strict QA/QC procedures to ensure consistent superior quality, maximize manufacturing potential, and lower manufacturing costs to deliver competitive prices. This manufacturing process encapsulates what we treasure: the satisfaction of our clients. This satisfaction is what drives us to constantly improve our manufacturing and quality control processes.

Quality is the cornerstone of our company culture. A key goal of ours is to exceed our customers’ expectations in product quality and consistency with every shipment. All manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified with strict quality control standards. Our highly experienced Quality Assurance Coordinators rigorously follow quality assurance procedures to maintain conformance to the finished product specifications. Only the proppants that conform to these product specifications are prepared for packaging and shipping to the customers.

Protecting people and the environment is our goal while manufacturing and delivering superior products to our clients. We enforce strict HSE procedures in our manufacturing plants throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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