We work closely with our partners (rail, truck, storage, and overseas freighter and cargo companies) to ensure our customers a prompt, reliable, long-term, and high-quality supply.

Our established and reliable distribution network, as well as logistical expertise and experience, help our customers achieve maximum cost savings and minimum delays in delivering our proppants to your locations.

Rainbow's distribution center is located in Houston, Texas and the west coast to provide better service to our clients. The distribution center is strategically located at the center of the energy industry. Many leading energy companies including ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell, Chevron, and BP have their major operations in Houston. With our distribution center centrally located in Houston and the west coast, we are able to timely deliver the proppants required for stimulation in South and West Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and beyond.

Rainbow set up several transloading facilities across major resources plays in North America to provide proppant handling service. At our transloading facilities, Rainbow stocks millions of pounds of inventory to meet customers’ immediate demands. The bulk transfer can occur in a cost-effective and timely matter from box cars or hopper cars to pneumatic trucks at our transloading facilities.

Our customer service team works closely with customers to ensure logistical support and timely delivery of our proppants on a daily basis.

Rainbow is committed to responding to every client’s needs in a prompt manner. We endeavor to excel by exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Our dedicated and highly experienced staff is able to seamlessly order, ship, receive, and distribute our proppants to anywhere in the United States and Canada. All customers can be assured that our products will be delivered where and when they are needed.

We provide the optimized completion designs that can maximize well production and ROI based on the analysis of existing well data. These analyses focus on different operators' acreage in each shale play, study different completion designs used by different operators in the same region, and compare long term production of wells using different completion methods. Important factors in the completion designs including plug and perf/sliding sleeves, slick water/hybrid/crosslinked gels, stage count, lateral length, and proppant types (ceramic proppant, resin-coated sand, or silica sand) are considered in these analyses.

In addition, Rainbow’s highly devoted and well-trained technical support team takes complete care of our customers’product-related queries and concerns. We are ready to provide technical support for any questions, including but not limited to, the manufacturing process, the quality control, and the product performance.

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